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DBML WAS founded in 1975 and was one of the first Independent laboratories in the Michigan Area, way ahead of itís time.  Today it stands, still privately owned and operated by itís founder, as one of the premier, Michigan-based, laboratories serving only Michigan and N.W. Ohio.  The company's philosophy was simple;  Be flexible and give the client what they need to serve their clientele.  DBML wanted to use the finest quality laboratory equipment available and pick-up and deliver the work and results as fast as possible and do it with a smile and a thank you.

The company realized early that to pull-off it's vision, they would need good people that believed in "achieving full customer satisfaction." Those people were taught to become self-directed and trustworthy with a common goal of setting the benchmark for the laboratory industry. Most of the people employed have been with the company over twenty years. Many more have come to the company from other laboratories and have brought with them many years of experience and wisdom.

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