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DBML is CLIA certified.  Additionally we participate and are accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and is H.I.P.P.A. and O.S.H.A. compliant.

DBML is a full service laboratory located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Departments included within the laboratory are:
Vincent Trent, M.D. is our Medical Director and Pathologist.  Dr. Trent developed a very strong background in Hospital-based laboratory before joining DBML.  Dr. Trent assisted DBML’s Leadership Team is in a constant search and activation of the finest testing equipment available today.  This Mission plus a very strong Quality Assurance Program has continued to allow DBML to be one of the finest quality laboratory services in the marketplace.
"Providing a quality service, flexible to customer needs is more than the mission, it's our purpose."
- Vincent Trent, M.D. Medical Director
DBML’s primary market is Physicians.  However, since the inception of the company, many other markets have been served.  Those include Nursing Homes, Large Family Health Centers, Hospitals, Industrial Clinics and Visiting Nursing Services.

As time has passed within the Laboratory Profession, one thing has become very apparent.  The National Labs and some of the Large Hospital-Based Laboratory Systems have become less and less user-friendly.  Noting this, DBML has responded by continuing to support customers that are sometimes off the beaten path or have some special needs.

DBML serves most of the lower Peninsula of Michigan as well as a great deal of the Upper Peninsula.  Northwest Ohio provides solid base of business from DBML Clients.

Nursing Homes:
DBML has programs for these centers.  Solid business base in this area has allowed the company to develop programs for tracking resident-draws to in-services on important topics.  With a network of accredited STAT Labs located at key intersections in the State, DBML has woven key same-day services to meet the ever-increasing needs of this important business segment. 

Physician Offices:
No matter how large an Office setting may be, DBML’s Sales and Service Staff understand their need to have quality results delivered as quickly as possible.  With the era of PPO’s and larger deductibles for the patients, DBML has tried to address all concerned by keeping our prices in check.  DBML’s prices are the lowest in the industry and rival all providers including the National Laboratories and Large Hospital Systems.  We participate with almost all Insurance Companies and PPO’s.  DBML’s understands that a Physician’s Office is not only a place where people go when they are ill but it is also a business.  The Office must run smoothly with a minimum amount of distractions to the Physician or their Staff.

Family Health Centers: 
These are medical settings were there are a number of Physicians and other ancillary Medical Providers.  DBML can provide with careful analysis, clinical support in several areas.  Some situations can be complemented with the use of phlebotomist.  Others call for special courier needs, etc..  This is the time where our experienced Sales Staff is a valued resource.  The majority of our Sales Force has been in Laboratory Sales for many years.  Add to that a list of Consultants that are employed by DBML and the large practice has a valuable tool to utilize to see if they are getting the best service for their situation.  All of the above is provided with strict adherence to CLIA 88 mandates as well as “Safe Harbor” guidelines.

Industrial Clinics:
One of the more important items that today’s employers must have is an employee to fill a job position as soon as they can be cleared for work.  DBML provides the fastest turn-around-time for pre-employment drug screens in the area.  COC is available with Confirmation if needed.  Our service is top-notch and our prices are some of the most competitive.  If other “special needs” testing is required, DBML will do it’s best so the end-user will be very satisfied.

During these difficult economic times, it has become necessary for some smaller Hospitals to look at alternate methods of delivering quality laboratory results.  It may be the taking-down of some testing disciplines or simply adding another options for the final Physician Consumer.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a laboratory sensitive to a small hospital’s needs.  Though it is critical for the small hospital to have a solid, dependable laboratory service, the larger laboratories are reluctant to serve them or insist that you do it their way.  Give DBML a try!!  Experience the Difference!!
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