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During the early eighties and nineties, the commercial laboratory market experienced a controlled implosion.  No State in the U.S. has experienced this phenomenon more than Michigan.  Almost every private laboratory was swallowed up by the National Laboratories except one, DBML.  DBML remained staunch in their goal of continuing to deliver a user-friendly service.  At the same time, the Hospital Market took on a new look.  Many mega-sized Health Care Systems were formed either by takeover or Alliances.  Out of these monsters sprung up affiliate laboratories.

None of this was any one persons fault but the medical economy dictated what the future was going to be.  The bad news became that the customer who had to deal with this now had to work through a large system or company to get something that used to be "so simple".  Again, through it all, DBML remained a full service laboratory with a single owner with a single mission.  DBML had no stockholders with a impractical profit goal in mind.  There was no board of control to view the lab as a “cost center” versus a "revenue center".  In short, DBML’s financial goals were more realistic.

Physicians and other Clients as well began to experience the "square peg", "round hole" syndrome.  No longer were the large National Laboratories always willing to listen to the customer’s needs. The customers were told how much service would be provided.  In addition, the older, more experienced employees were forced out of these large laboratories in favor of the less-experienced, less expensive employee.

DBML found another market!!! When the others said no to better service, DBML said;  “Let’s take a good look at this and see if we can work it out and both of us reach our goals!!!!!”  Detroit Bio-Medical Laboratories, Inc. is large enough to offer the kind of quality that anyone would require but small enough to offer great service and care about the customer and their needs.  IF YOUR LAB SERVICE ISN’T MEASURING UP,   EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE AND GIVE DBML A TRY!!!!!
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