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"All Laboratories have similar equipment.  It's the service that sets each part from the other!!"

- Richard Zakaria,
Operations Manager
Much attention must to paid to routinely reviewing all new procedures and methods of delivering the highest quality laboratory studies.  DBML frequently replaces equipment with newer, faster, and even more sophisticated diagnostic instrumentation as it becomes available.

All of this would be lost though if we overlooked our most important resource, our employees.  Their motivation, integrity and commitment to excellence set our company ahead of our competitors.  Our employees work each day with the goal of seeing that the customer is completely satisfied.  They ask the question;  .....”Is there a way that I can do better???”
Our services begin with these below and expand from there as needed:
Courier Services:
All of our couriers are equipped with a two-way radio or a cell phone.  They log over 10,000 miles per day and remain flexible to meet our customers needs.

Customer Service:
This is an intricate part of our company ready to hand out information as well as deal with the “panic values” that occur during testing.  These people are highly trained with additional support available to them when required.

Information Services:
This is the final link in the laboratory process.  It can be as simple as a report delivered by a courier to a laboratory printer or access to DBML’s Website.

Professional Consultation:
This can be critical to a Nurse or Physician.  One of our Pathologists or Technologists is available at any time.  Additionally, Consultants will be used if required for handling of the question.

Broad Testing Capabilities:
Almost all testing is performed within our Farmington Hills Laboratory.  This contributes to fast turn-around-time and less stress on Nursing Staffs. An Esoteric Testing Menu is attainable on a regular basis on routine as well as new tests.

Patient Service Centers:
These centers are available in the suburban Detroit area as well as Out-State Michigan.  (A convenient Map is available on the “Contact Us” portion of the website.)  The Patient Service Centers are staffed by highly-experienced phlebotomists with the latest of equipment.  These Centers have flexible schedules and excellent Patient relation capabilities.

Cytology Program:
DBML offers our Clients both the traditional Pap smear plus Thin Cell technology.  Both methods enjoy a 48 hour turn-around-time unless the test is pulled for review or Quality Control.  These steps will add about 24 hours.

Supplies for specimen procurement are provided as part of the service.  They are delivered by the courier and ordered through a number of convenient ordering methods.

DBML participates with many PPO’s and traditional Insurance Companies.  A list will be made available through a sales representative.  DBML will work in “Indigent Situations” if the Physicians Office is participating.

Computerized Reporting Format:
All DBML results are age and sex sensitive.  High and Low results are flagged within the body of the report and than re-capped at the bottom of the report.  This allows for a quick analysis of all reports.

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